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Man, do we love it when we find clients that actively practice what we preach. See, it’s not just talk—we think it’s essential everyone take the time to make their space one that they unequivocally love (having a hard time with that? We can help). And it's because we put so much weight on space that we particularly appreciate those folks that do go beyond the call of beige to make their living quarters completely, thoughtfully, and uniquely theirs. A home should be as one-of-a-kind as those who inhabit it, and that’s exactly why we love the current owner of this impressive spot on Hollywood (and his pup, Tilly, too).

Here, a collection of style influences from around the globe beautifully blend together...

But the design also lends a graceful nod to the home's locale in our own city. The resulting space is just the kind we love so well and live to sell: it's unique, enchanting, and well-put-together--just like the pair that currently call it "home." We can assure you that you've not seen a spot like this one before, and we're dancing toe-to-toe to show you the rest. What’s more, we can’t wait to meet its next match.

Watch this space for details to come...

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